Soundtrack to an AT Thru Hike

Day 1:  Tesla / Warpaint

Day 2:  Tom Petty (on shuffle all day)

Day 3:  Mother Nature

Day 4:  Morning Mother Nature / Afternoon Triumph

Day 5:  Mother Nature / Rolling Stones / Billy Idol/ Verve / Warpaint

Day 6 & 7:  Mother Nature (needed to know if thunderstorms were moving in, so was listening to all sounds around me.

Day 8:  Zero Day, no soundtrack, but NBA playoffs!  WOO!

Day 9: Mother Nature

Day 10: Mother Naure

Day 11: Marillion, on shuffle. Some bands should never be put on shuffle. Marillion is one of them. The early Marillion albums, which is basically all I listen to, have two that are concept albums where one song flows into the next. On shuffle these smooth transitions are lost and it is really really weird.

Day 12: Mudcrutch, Lord Huron, Kurt Vile

Day 13: Mother Nature

Day 14: Zero Day, no soundtrack, but NBA playoffs! Let’s go Celts!

Day 21: Arena

Day 22: Mother Nature

Day 23: Lucia and Marillion