Day 9 and 10

Day 9 and 10?

To be honest, keeping track of days is difficult. Not sure what day I am on, but tonight I am sitting at the Top of Georgia hostel. We were going to push on, but it was really nice and the people here were very helpful, so we decided to stay. Tomorrow we should be at the GA/NC border, and claim one state as done.

One of the workers here said GA is about a 4 on the scale of 1 to 10. The Smokies, at least the first half are about a 6. I have another 100 miles to get in shape for that. Bob, the proprietor also told us that ½ of the people who say they are thru hikers quit by Hot Springs, NC, a mere 275 miles into the journey. I am hoping that is the first place I can spend a couple of days relaxing with Leslie.

Yesterday was hard for me. Not entirely sure why, but I think it had to do with losing Croc. Nothing against Crooner or some of the others I have met, but Croc and I were closer in age and could relate on a different level than me and the younger generation. I will miss him and Debra as the days go on.

Despite my post on FB today looking for performance enhancing drugs, today was better and I am looking forward to tomorrow. It will be good to claim that first state.

Wanted to do a facebook live yesterday for my nephew’s birthday, but was in an area of sketchy connectivity. I’ll do another one soon. Thinking of doing one around campsite setup so you all can see what “home” looks like on a given night. That might be kinda cool I guess. Not sure what you all want to see.

Not going to update the pages until I have a computer, but for those following along yesterday’s soundtrack wss Lucinda Williams and today’s was Mother Nature.
Hope all is well and with God’s Grace, tomorrow we knock out our first state.


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    1. Croc’s only reason to be here this year was to hike with Deb and show her the trail. Since her knee took her off the trail, Croc needed to make a decision. He had an option to maybe fly to Ireland and do some hiking there, so he went off the trail to attempt to put that together. It was the right decision and hopefully he can put it together. That would be epic.

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