Day 4 and 5

Mountain Crossings

Day 4 and 5.

In scouts when doing an extended outing with a group day 3, 4 or 5 were always the challenge for the group. If there were going to be issues, that is when they would crop up.

Going individually is not much different. By day 3 the body starts to rebel. You are sore and physically tired. This was part of the reason day 3 was so short for me. When you are physically tired and sore it begins to work on your emotions as well. When you have the physical and emotional going negative it is real hard to keep a positive mental framework. Bigfoot, in his video on youtube about the five most surprising things he found out about the AT, mentioned people quitting at Neel Gap. After applying the 3-5 day analysis it is not that surprising that that many quit here. (I am at Neel Gap tonight).

And yes, I have had my own challenges the last three days, but knowing it was coming certainly helped the mindset and I have been through this before. The best feeling is being in hiking shape. The worst is getting in hiking shape. Ah well, it is what I signed up for.

Not a ton to note about the last couple of days. I did see an awesome owl as I was going to get water two days ago. I did not have my camera with, unfortunately. He (or she, I really have no clue) and I had a mutual staring contest until I decided to move and he decided to fly away.

Let me tell you a bit about the people I have been hiking with. Croc, who I wrote about the other day and his hiking partner, Debra. They are married. To different people. Debra likes hiking and her husband suggested that she hike with Croc because he knew he was not going to go hiking. Croc is a preacher and they have known each other since high school. I lied the other day, he did not thru hike, but did section hike the AT. They are great hiking partners. They are out here for 30 days, so I could be with them through the worst of getting into hiking shape. He is a fountain of knowledge and I am trying to soak up what I can.

My trail name is settled, Samaritan. If you have not read Day 2 and 3, you missed the story. Croc named me, and after consideration, I accepted it. Not Good Samaritan…seems too long, nor GS, but just Samaritan.

I wish I had some type of Dictaphone device. I come up with all sorts of really witty or profound things while hiking but then they are gone when I sit here to type to the blog. And sorry about jumping around on topics. Editing on this thing is ridiculous, so you get it in the order it happens in my mind.

Final thoughts tonight. I spend most of the time looking at the trail and my feet. It would be so easy to trip and fall as there are rocks and roots everywhere. Hiking over this terrain makes a cracked sidewalk look like a freeway. The ground and granite looks the same here as it does in Isle Royale, New Mexico or the Rockies. This afternoon it was hot and the dirt even smelled like New Mexico. The trails are similar but the people, flora and fauna, and wildlife are different. So far great people on this trail. And great views.

Last thought. Update on Mighty Mouse. Ran into him last night and he did not know who I was. I think that is an indication of how much trouble he was in the other morning. He decided to do the trail and did no (or very little) research and does not have an outdoor background. We (Croc and I) are worried for him. We hope he decides to go home. We really do not want to read about him in a few weeks…

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  1. Samaritan is perfect! Conner and I were just buying stuff for Glacier Trail Hike…. 2 days 22 miles. I worried about that …. cannot comprehend 2200 miles. We hope to not hit the rough patch at 3 hours, we will worry about 3 days later. Still can’t believe you are doing the AT. Enjoy the dream! Hike Healthy! PS send trail pics!

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