Blogger for The Trek

I decided to apply to become a blogger on the website   (no, that is not a typo, it is co, not com).  Part of my decision in applying was I was hoping to reach a wider audience and have a home base where they took care of the behind the scenes software and site issues.  The benefit to them is more eyeballs on their site and more people that see their brand.

Zach Davis is the owner of the site and from what I can tell an all-around nice guy.  He wrote a book that I have read and would highly recommend, called Appalachian Trials.  The main focus of the book is the mental preparation that must take place in order to complete a thru-hike.

However, once I was accepted and read their terms, I realized it would not become what I had hoped, a complete repository for my blogging posts.  Part of the deal is they do not want me to repost stuff from a prior blog onto the Trek blog.  They desire new content.  So, all the posts I have made over here so far, would be lost to the system unless I was willing to rework them.  I am not.

So I have decided that instead I will maintain this site, and post everything I do over here.  That includes what I decide to post at The Trek and several things I decide not to.  They ask that I post at the Trek first and a day or two later I can post on my blog or I can post on my blog immediately if I include a link to the Trek’s post.

For now, I will post to the Trek things which I think reach a broader audience, gear reviews, trail tips, things like that.   I will post that stuff here as well, but in addition over here I will post the more personal stuff that friends and family would likely find more interesting.  As Leslie has stated before, no one wants to read about the benefits of merino wool over synthetics.  J  Leslie – the pulse of my blog.

For those of you interested in fabric blends, pack design and other equally as riveting topics, here is my blog page at The Trek.  You can bookmark it or sign up and get emails when I post there.


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