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My plan today was to really give my new shoes (https://www.rei.com/product/781640/oboz-sawtooth-hiking-shoes-mens) a test on the trails out at the Scuppernong Trailhead with a 3 or 4 hour hike, but at the moment it is 42 degrees out and, well I am not too interested in hiking those temps so I am stalling and doing some other things.  Last night I dehydrated six more cans of tomato sauce and they are ready to be pulverized into a powder this morning.  I also had a thought about my recipe for the unstuffed green pepper recipe.  I have been using Brown Minute Rice for the ease and simplicity.  However, I bet if I cook Wild Rice and then dehydrate that I will basically have Wild Minute Rice that should work in the recipe.  Leslie does not know it yet, but tonight will be another experiment.  I am cooking the wild rice right now.  I will dehydrate while hiking, and tonight I will put together my stove and cookware and try my new idea on this recipe.  Last thing I want to do is package up 22 of these and find out on the trail that it did not work or is unpalatable.  However, if it works as well as I think it should it will have a better nutritional profile and will taste better to boot!  All good things.  I think I better stop by the store and get Leslie a nice tenderloin for dinner or I’ll be in the dog house.  She doesn’t go for this dehydrated stuff.

For those of you following my posts on Facebook, this won’t be news.  Yesterday I posted that I was done with REI. Purchased over $500 of of stuff there on Monday. On Tuesday got a 20% off coupon in the mail for one regularly priced item (I purchased a down jacket for $219 that will be fantastic for the cold mornings and evenings in the Northern states on the AT.  The credit would have amounted to $43.80). Had no idea this was coming and the sales guy never mentioned it to us. I further find out I have a $21 dividend credit that the sales guys never mentioned or applied on Monday.

So yesterday I did three things.  First, I did the live chat thing and asked them to apply the 20% coupon and she said she could not.  So then I called and talked to someone who then talked to their supervisor and the answer was still no.  At that point I asked the person on the phone to cancel an order I had just placed online for a Delorme Inreach SE Satellite Communicator ($220).  As an aside, the Delorme will give my wife and Mom peace of mind and will allow me to post real time my progress on the trail so you can follow along.  Anyway, I would have thought at that point they would have realized they had seriously irritated me, but nope.  She just canceled the order and I ordered off of Amazon for the same price.  Finally, I sent a rather stern email informing them that they lost a long time customer, one who has not taken advantage of their return policy (only returned one item in all the time I can remember), and the utter ridiculousness of making me spend 2 hours driving to Brookfield and back to have the coupon applied.  Well, they apologized, are sending me my $21 dividend credit in check form and sent me a $45 gift card.  So this brings up a question…..

</rant on>  Why?  Why on earth does it have to get to the point of irritating me so that I never want to step foot in your store again?  This simply reminds me of the stuff pulled by Directv and others.  When you call to cancel service, all of a sudden they have a deal for you.  Wait a darned minute here.  You mean I have been a steady customer for the last ten years, paid my bills timely and now all of a sudden you have a deal for me?  So basically you have been screwing me for ten years.  Overcharging me.  Why don’t corporations treat their current customers like someone they would like to keep?  I just don’t get it and it is part of the problem out there.  For all of the great things about free markets, I really wonder sometimes if these big multi-state corporations in the end are really worth it for society.  The short sighted goal of cash immediately has driven a lot of very very bad policy decisions for society.  </rant off>

Anyway, other things I have done this week is order a couple of different types of protein powders (meal replacements).  This is the one I am most interested in:


It has protein, vitamins, greens, minerals, fiber, omega 3 and probiotics.  Sounds too good to be true.  Probably unable to choke it down.  Well, we shall see.  I ordered up a few different flavors in their sample packs.  If this is a go, then I’ll probably start each day with one packet of this stuff.  Beats dehydrating and mixing my own and it has a better nutritional profile.  Yup, costs more.

Finally, last night I tried something new.  I am a regular reader of Andrew Skurka’s website and he recently posted a cookie dough snack recipe that I had to try:


It has oats and cashews and CHOCOLATE!  Good stuff.  And the recipe is good.  I like them.  However, they are really sticky.  I don’t know if it was the brand of maple syrup, or too much maple syrup, but going to have to work on that a little.  If I can shape them up and make them less sticky and figure out how to package them so Leslie can include them in my resupply boxes I will make a ton of these.  They are that good.  If I have to, I’ll try a different binder, perhaps rice syrup or honey.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this morning.  Time to pulverize some tomato sauce leather, dehydrate some cooked wild rice and get ready to hit the trail.





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