Purpose of this Blog

The seeds of this blog were planted when I decided I wanted to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.  It was going to be a place to share the hike, from the preparation stages through the actual hike.  As people have learned that I am going to take five months off of work to thru-hike the AT, they have almost always wanted to follow along and see what this is about and share the experience.  This confirmed my  thoughts of putting together a blog.

The more I thought about it, the seeds have germinated into something much larger.  I believe with my background I can offer up more than just the journey I am on.  I think in addition to those aspects, I can offer camping, backpacking and hiking tips, as well as knot tying, food and nutrition for backpacking, gear reviews and life tips.  In part this will truly be a place to walk with Seven.  Initially I set this up with the domain outdoorswithseven to encompass all of the aspects of being in the outdoors.  However, I think walkingwithseven (changed on day 2 of this blog) more totally covers the users of this site as you will be walking with me through my AT journey and this journey called life.  I hope this blog truly becomes what I envision it can.  As it develops, feel free to offer up suggestions on what you would like to see.


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