Name of this Blog and Trail Name

Name of the Blog:  Walking with Seven

The nickname of Seven was given to me by my wife, Leslie.  She and I first met in seventh grade and despite having never dated in middle or high school, some 30 years after finishing high school, on February 14, 2012 we were re-united and fell in love.  In relaying the story to her co-workers, Seven became my nickname for seventh grade.  She is the love of my life and without her I would not be able to accomplish anywhere near what I can with her by my side.  She makes my life complete and even though it seemed Seven should be my trail name, there already is a semi-famous individual with the trail name of Seven, so I decided to let the trail give me my name.

Trail Name: Samaritan

This was given to me by Croc, a 2,000 miler and accomplished hiker on day 4ish of my hike. We debated Good Samaritan or GS or something, but they all seemed too long or not descriptive or I don’t know. It ended up just being Samaritan. The genesis of the name involved my helping an elderly hiker on the morning of Day 3. He was suffering from symptoms of hypothermia and needed assistance. I dropped everything to assist, whereas others had gone on with their days…

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