Day 38


Just got home. I have read each and every one of your comments on Facebook in response to my having to leave the trail and from the bottom of my heart I thank each one of you. I will have a few more posts to make here, stories and other thoughts and now that I am home hopefully some pictures as well. However, it is still a bit early and the emotions still a bit raw for having to leave the trail before I was ready, so it may be a few days or a week or so. Again, thank you for your comments, thoughts, prayers and concern.


PS – I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the orthopedist. 🙂

1 thought on “Day 38”

  1. Hey, 300 miles, or close to it, is a very great and wonderful beginning… there’s nothing wrong with going that incredible distance for the first go round!!! Why not rest up, train some more and then pick up exactly where you left off on next year’s trek, that’s what great athletes do, is there any rule that says you have to complete the entire Trail all in one go??? I don’t think so… so, do it in segments, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!

    Rest up, good luck at the doctor’s, and let us see all your great pics!!!

    Many thanks for sharing with everyone at SI your most amazing adventure!!! We don’t care if you did nearly 300 miles or nearly only 30 miles, you’re a champion and we admire your courage and strength for taking on such a incredible challenge!!!

    Chin up!!! Feel better!!! And welcome home!!!


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