My best friend Cole and his wife Steph were engaged under the lit Olympic flame across the street from where we are staying.

Well, we made Atlanta and are sitting in our hotel. This is now finally becoming real for us. Someone asked me a while back how I was feeling and at that point I was in prep mode and had not really thought about it. I wanted to be done prepping last night at 6 pm. It might have been closer to 8 pm, but when I awoke at 3:30 am this morning was the first time I felt much of anything. And it was fear.

Interesting that that was the first real emotion, but in the middle of the night that is often the emotion that comes to the fore. I was able to box it up and put it away.
On the plane ride down the next emotion to show itself was excitement. This is finally happening. This is going to be epic. I cannot wait.
And at the same time Leslie is going through her own emotions, not all of them positive. The next few days promises to be a challenging emotional ride, not only for me but for my bride. We will get through it and our love will be stronger.
Tonight Tom Petty. Tomorrow Amicalola Falls State Park. And maybe a trip to Springer just so we know where to go on Sat morning.
More to come….

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