Google Chromebook

So, this morning I am testing out my new Chromebook.  I bought the Acer Chromebook 11 which came with 100 gig of Google Drive storage for free. Total cost is less than $200. The purpose of the Chromebook is going to be to put it in a bounce box and every few weeks use it to upload all my photos and video to Google Drive.  A bounce box is a box that you mail to yourself.  On the trail this can be very helpful as you can bounce box to yourself down the trail computers, charging cables, a set of clean town clothes, etc…  This way you have some stuff you may need, or want, but you don’t have to carry it with you all the time.  So the point is you determine where you will be in a week or two weeks or more and then mail the box to that location with instructions to:

“Hold for thru-hiker, Scott Edwards.  Expected arrival date of xx-xx-xxxx.  Phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx.”  

Once I get the bounce box, I’ll need a wifi connection and then I’ll be able to upload all my pictures, notes, etc.  I’ll also be able to update the blog if I have not done so.  Then at home, if space becomes an issue, Leslie could download them to our hard drive at home.  If not, we will just leave them on google drive until I get back and can sort and organize them.   Also, if I am craving a certain album or book that I did not previously load on my memory cards, I can have Leslie load them up to google drive and I can then download them to my memory cards.  🙂  Right now I use dropbox quite a bit and this might be my first step to moving everything to Google Drive.  

I uploaded 321 pictures from my camera this morning, a ton from my phone and it was simple.  Plug and play as it were.  I still have over 115 gigs of space available.  (Previous to the Chromebook purchase I apparently had 17 gig of storage on Google Drive and there were a few files there) I think this is going to work perfectly….well if I can now figure out how to post this.  The one thing I have noted already that I do not like about the Chromebook is that it appears to not have a delete key, only a backspace.  I did not realize how much I use the delete key in my typing.  Ah well, if that is the worst thing…..


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